Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation . The Big Beat 2010

Big Beat 2010 | Casey Gobbi interviewed | The Big Beat hits LI by Newsday – New York Hard Rock Drummer Casey Gobbi interviewed | The Big Beat hits LI by Newsday


Drummers Giving Back for Charity! To keeps music alive in our schools by donating musical instruments to under-funded music programs, giving youngsters the many benefits of music education, helping them to be better students and inspiring creativity and expression through playing music.

Twenty of the top percussion companies in the industry donated merchandise totaling more than $235,000 in retail value for the Five-Star The Big Beat that occurred in 15 cities in North America on November 7, 2010.

Well The Big Beat 2010 was a total success! This rocking event took place at SUNY Farmingdale Campus (Roosevelt Hall), Farmingdale, NY on Sunday, November 7, 2010 and was held by The Original Long Island Drum Center in Plainview, NY. I have to personally thank Dennis Ricci, Andrew and crew of the Original Long Island Drum Center on organizing such a killer event and for accommodating me, so thanks guys!

New York and Long Island drummers of all skill levels and experience participated with ages ranging from 8 to 67-years young. It was the largest gathering of drummers ever assembled across North America to celebrate the joy of drumming and to raise money for The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and local charities, and to break a Guinness World Record of 6,000 drummers simultaneous keeping a beat, and we did!

Big Beat 2010 | Casey Gobbi & Crew rocking out!

The Big Beat hits LI | New York Hard Rock Drummer Casey Gobbi and fellow Long Island drummers rocking it out!

What a bunch of cool guys and galls that participated in the rocking event. Just to see over 100+ super cool vintage kits mixed with modern drum kits of all sizes and colors with all that glistening chrome hardware was totally spectacular. The bands were great; the synchronized Soul-O-Drums – Bill Donnell’s 3-piece percussion ensemble was cool, Frank Bellucci with his super fast hands, and the funky Brooklyn, NY Approaching Storm Marching Band was wicked. There was a fastest hands and fastest feet competition that took place, and their were lots of goodies given away via raffle. The camaraderie was amazing but that is typical of drummers, and everyone was awesome; we shared fist bumps, high fives, and hugs after the marathon event. I will never forget it. I am so glad I participated in it, and that my Uncle, one of my drumming heroes, was there to share it with me made it even better.

They held The Big Beat event in two New York locations one on Long Island in Farmingdale, NY and the other upstate in Buffalo, NY but not in Manhattan yet. I really hope they continue this on Long Island, if not ever year but maybe every other year or so would be cool and to have it grow with more participants and even more synchronized playing time.

Check out another The Big Beat 2010 – Long Island video on YouTube.