KNIPEX (ˈknɪpɛks) is a German manufacturer of pliers for professional use. The headquarters are located in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, German. For four generations, Knipex has been an independent, owner-managed family company.

KNIPEX’s Product Line currently comprises approximately 100 types of pliers, totaling more than 900 different variants in terms of length, shape, and finish. These include commonly used types of pliers such as combination pliers, side cutters, and water pump pliers as well as more specialized pliers for use in electrical and plumbing installation and electronics. Their range also includes special tools for cutting, stripping, and crimping including tools for applications in aerospace, solar power technology, and optical fiber installation. Knipex also offers a broad program of high-voltage insulated tools. Knipex has built up a reputation of being a strong innovator in its field with products like self-locking water pump pliers (“Alligator” pliers), precision push-button water pump pliers (“Cobra” pliers), high-leverage mini bolt cutters (“Cobolt” cutters) and parallel jaw, ratchet action wrenches (“Pliers Wrench”).

Concepts / Products that were put into production

2016 | 2019 KNIPEX: Slimmer Multi-Component Grips (Creative Consulting / Concept for Slimmer and Less Bulky Multi-Component Grips for less cumbersome ease-of-use and better dexterity)

KNIPEX: Cobra Pliers Slimmer Multi-Component Grip

KNIPEX: Cobra Pliers with Slimmer Multi-Component Grip – Concept