Scott Naturals

Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. is the manufacture of Scott paper products and probably most notably recognized national toilet tissue brand. It may not be the softest or thickest, but it does the job and does not clog up your toilet as least not mine and septic tank.

I made some phone calls to Kimberly-Clark a couple of years ago and suggested and requested for the Scott brand to start adding post-consumer recycled paper content to their toilet tissue. I was surprised with the initial response from their customer service and sales and marketing team when they responded that no one had ever made that request before, and why should the Scott brand even consider doing that. My initial concept and request was to have the company become more green, so we don’t have to clear cut forests to have all virgin paper in our toilet tissue, when the product is basically flushed down the drain anyway. Needless to say it wasn’t long after that Scott launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for their Scott Naturals™ line of paper products. It shows that big corporate conglomerates can actually make a difference and be more environmentally friendly with their product line. So thank you Scott for making the effort to be green and more sustainable.

Scott Naturals™ products help you take a greener step without sacrificing quality. You’ll find that 40% recycled fiber helps keep their bath tissue soft.

Concept / Product requests that were put into production

2007 | 2009 Scott Naturals™ – Paper products made from partially recycled content (Concept)

Scott Naturals™

Scott Naturals™ (Concept)