Graf Skates AG was originally created in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland in 1921 as Graf & Co. Graf and Co and produced a variety of sports shoes, including soccer, tennis, hiking and biking. In 1937 Graf and Co introduced its first ice hockey skates. The company did not begin specializing in hockey skates and figure skating boots until 1974.

In 1997, Graf Skates AG expanded to Calgary, Alberta in Canada, with the creation of Graf Canada LTD. This became Graf’s main supplier of ice skates to the Canadian and American market, while the company in Switzerland continues to export 85 percent of its production to Europe, Russia and Asia.

GRAF Canada was purchased in August 2016 by Vaughn Custom Sports and was granted the manufacturing and distribution rights for GRAF hockey products in United States and Canada. A new factory in London, Ontario was established in the summer of 2017 for the manufacture of GRAF skates. GRAF skates are legendary for their cfomfort, performance, and quality. It is with great pride we continue with the GRAF tradition of high quality products and innovation that only the expertise and craftsmanship that is designed in each GRAF skate can provide.

The GRAF and Vaughn brands are the only major privately owned brands left in hockey, family run, with a lifelong dedication to the sport. Vaughn Hockey is committed to bring only the finest quality product to the market to provide the ultimate performance and value to each product.

Graf skates have a reputation for being among the most comfortable skates on the market.

Concepts / Products that were put into production

2003 | 2010 GRAF: Black Waxed Hockey Skate Laces (Creative Consulting / Concept for: Black Waxed Hockey Skate Laces)