Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE)

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) works to build widespread citizen understanding and advocacy for policies and actions designed to manage and protect our natural resources and public health. CCE carries out this mission through public education, research, lobbying, organizing and public outreach. Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) was formed in 1985. Today, after 20 years as a not-for-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization, CCE has grown to an 80,000-member organization with offices in Farmingdale, NY, White Plains, NY, Albany, NY, Syracuse, NY, Buffalo, NY, and New Haven, CT. CCE continues to work to empower the public by providing members with opportunities to participate in the political process and thereby advance a progressive environmental agenda, policies and legislation.


2007 | Marketing / Photography / Environmental Lobbying / Lobbying / Promotion / Press Relations / Creative Consulting

New York State Senate: Broadwater Press Conference

New York State Senators speak at Broadwater Energy press conference – Albany, NY

New York State Capitol Building

New York State Capitol Building – Albany, NY

Solar Canopies, Riverhead, NY

Creative Consulting / Environmental Lobbying | Solar Canopies at New York State Government Buildings – Riverhead, NY