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What happened to non-toxic Mythic Paint?

What happened to non-toxic Mythic Paint? Out of business?

What happened to the Mythic Paint company by Southern Diversified Products? Did they go out of business?

Mythic Paint is (was?) a Non Toxic Paint system, Zero-VOC, Zero-carcinogenic, premium quality line of latex paints. Mythic provides a Zero-VOC paint system.

Mythic paint, a subsidiary of NoVOC Holdings Inc. and was developed in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi in 2002. Mythic paint are latex paints, made from confidential formulas of non-toxic, solvent free, high performance ingredients. There are no carcinogens in any of Mythic paint, which are not only environmentally safe, but are better performing than any paint on the market today.

Southern Diversified Products, LLC
2714 Hardy Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Customer Support: 1 (888) 714-9422
Fax: 1 (888) 714-9423
To become a Mythic paint retailer call Rocky Prior, President and Chief Scientific Officer: (601) 264-0442

I’ve made multiple calls to the company, all I got was their answering machine. I also called the exclusive brand ambassador Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs and I got no response. Even David Bromstad endorsed the premium paint product, these two are from Oprah Winfreys crew so I don’t get it. I also called dealers here in the U.S. and they were unsure of what occurred with the company. I also spoke with Mythic Paint Australia but they were really not helpful either, kind of clueless. How could such a great product and brand just disappear off the map. I actually never got chance to use the cool paint product but from what I’ve seen on YouTube it was exactly what I was looking for. The Black Label Satin Paint is exactly what I wanted to use, it had the coverage, the quality, and being completely non-toxic for humans and the environment. Hopefully a larger company will buy them out, so we could have access to the product. There were ahead of their time as the big manufacturers tried to catch up years later.

Mythic Paint: Black Label

Mythic Paint: Black Label, Satin

Mythic Paint Line

Mythic Paint Line

Mythic Paint Billboard

Mythic Paint: Billboard Advertisement

David Bromstad loves Mythic Paint!

Mythic Paint: Black Label Paint Demo

Vote With Your Dollar

If you are as disgusted as we are with the spewing toxic crude oil in the Gulf Coast, and if you are asking yourself ‘how can I help,’ ‘what can one person do,’ ‘how can I make a difference,’ here’s what you can do to help the situation. Obviously we need energy to run industry and the modern world. Oil and coal powered the 20th century, but we need more environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to power the 21st century. We have the technology to do this by harnessing solar, wind and tidal power, but why are we not putting these abundant free resources to better use? We need to innovate instead of importing foreign oil, thus reducing our reliance on petroleum based products.

The easiest thing that every consumer can do is vote with your dollar. With it being spring-cleaning season, you can make the choice at the register to purchase and use non-petroleum based cleaning products from dish soap and laundry detergent to all-purpose cleaners. There are even natural plant-base car care products on the market that work fantastic while being friendly to people, pets and our environment.

Did you know that if every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 100 oz petroleum-based conventional brand of liquid laundry detergent with a 100 oz plant-derived liquid laundry detergent, 466,000 barrels of oil could be saved – enough to heat and cool 26,800 U.S. homes for a year! I don’t know about you, but I prefer to support our American farmers over foreign oil companies any day.

Next time you head out for some cleaning supplies, check out these natural non-toxic biodegradable household cleaning products: Seventh Generation, Sun & Earth, Ecover, Biokleen, Method and Green Works. Also, if you are into detailing your car or motorcycle by hand, try Zymol, which is a high-end plant-based car care product line that works amazing and smells great too.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET Lake Grove Grand Opening

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Site Plan

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Site Plan (Concept for Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove, New York)


After waiting ten long years, Whole Foods Market: Natural and Organic Grocery has finally made its way to Long Island’s New York’s Suffolk County! I repeatedly called the Northeast regional office and spoke with the real estate manager in charge, requesting they come to the area and suggested available retail locations that I would pass in my local travels. And it’s finally here! I commend them for listening to their customers. After shopping at Whole Foods in Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and becoming accustomed to their nutritious and tasty selections, all-natural/organic food selection, all-natural bath & body products, all-natural household cleaners and knowledgeable team members, I was so disappointed to find that there wasn’t one in Suffolk County New York, but now the wait is over. If you like non-genetically modified, organic, all-natural foods and haven’t been to a Whole Foods Market yet, go check it out. The Lake Grove Commons store is opening on March 17th, 2010 and is located at 120 New Moriches Road in Lake Grove, NY 11755. Enjoy al :)

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Store

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Store (Concept for Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove, New York)