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BMW Motorcycle Multi-Trailer

BMW please bring back the BMW OEM Multi-Trailer!

My old photographs taken at the 2000 New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention of a BMW X5 with the cool BMW OEM Multi-Trailer towing a BMW F650 Motorcycle at the BMW display.

With the all new redesigned 2019 BMW X5, X3 and my personal favorite the X4 coming out this year it is time to bring back the BMW OEM Multi-Trailer I would say.

BMW it is time to put “ACTIVITY” back into the BMW SAVs lineup again!!! Front Push Bars, Trailer Hitch Mounts and the Multi-Trailer would do these new SAV’s justice!

2000 BMW Multi-Trailer

2000 BMW Multi-Trailer

2000 BMW Multi-Trailer

2000 BMW X5 and BMW Multi-Trailer on display

2000 BMW Multi-Trailer

2000 BMW X5 and BMW Multi-Trailer on display

OXO Good Grips – Automotive Car Care Product Line Request

WANTED: OXO Good Grips to bring back their awsome Automotive Car Care Product Line!

OXO Automotive: Car Care Product Line

OXO Automotive: Car Care Product Line – Discontinued :(


Unfortunately OXO Good Grips has pretty much discontinued their amazing, best on the market Automotive line of Car Care products. Their Auto brushes are so user friendly well made and designed and they last for years, and way better then any natural wool mitt on the market, they do not leave any micro contaminants as wool mitts do so you don’t scratch you expensive paint finish. If you are an auto and motor sport enthusiast or just a clean freak, I suggest emailing or even better calling OXO’s Consumer Care Center at 1(800) 545-4411 and their OXO’s corporate New York Design Studio at (212) 242-3333 and requesting the full comeback of all the original Automotive Car Care Product Line of cleaning brushes, your car will thank you.

OXO Automotive: Small Car Wash Brush

OXO Automotive: Small Car Wash Brush – Discontinued :(

OXO Automotive: Large Car Wash Brush

OXO Automotive: Large Car Wash Brush and Wheel Detail Brush – Discontinued :(

OXO Automotive: Squeegee

OXO Automotive: Squeegee – Discontinued :(

OXO Automotive: Sure-Grip Ice Scraper

OXO Automotive: Ergonomic Sure-Grip Polycarbote Ice Scraper – Discontinued :(

OXO Automotive: Snow Brush and Scrapper

OXO Automotive: Pivoting Head Snow Brush and Scrapper – Discontinued :(

Ferrari LaFerrari spotted in The Hamptons

A red Ferrari LaFerrari was spotted in The Hamptons departing an enclosed auto transportation company’s two 18-wheelers on Long Island’s East End for display at the new stunningly large Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York on a late lazy Tuesday afternoon this July 30th along with nine other rare Ferraris.

Ferrari LaFerrari American

Ferrari LaFerrari American Premier Hamptons Dinner Party, Private Viewing

Ferrari LaFerrari American

Ferrari LaFerrari American Premier Hamptons Dinner Party, Private Viewing


I was just taking a ride on my Ducati 1200 Multistrada S Sport out to the Hamptons just to clear my head and get some fresh sea air and seafood, and while I was there, I thought I’d check out the cool architecture of the new Parrish Art Museum, which happens to be the size of two soccer fields in length.

As my luck would have it, there just happen to be two enclosed auto transportation 18-wheeler big rigs parked in the lengthy driveway at the museum’s entrance. So I stopped in for a look, and lo and behold, I saw multiple gleaming red Ferraris stacked and ready for unloading. The guys of the Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc. transportation company were super cool, and mentioned there was a super exclusive Ferrari event happening the next night on July 31st for an invitation-only private viewing. Well it wound up being held by Ferrari North America for the Ferrari LaFerrari American Premier and purchasers dinner for only 40 people of the new 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

The Parrish Art Museum event manager – clearly not a car guy – was like “this is a private viewing”, and I was like ok – well I just got mine, but the event is not until tomorrow night, and there were only three people besides the guys unloading the cars, so I was like what’s the big deal, can I hang for a sec and take a look at the “new red paint,” meaning the new supercar. I was not there bothering anyone or there to take any pictures, I was out taking a ride and just happened to see something interesting out of the corner of my eye, so I stopped by. It seemed to be such a secret, like they were unloading the holy grail or something. If it wasn’t for me quickly mentioning to the transport crew to watch out, they would have ripped off the front fender lower air faring by almost hitting the side lip of the trailer ramp because no one – meaning the event managers – was not spotting them. That would have not been good if they damaged the supercar before the event. Timing is everything sometimes ;)

LaFerrari American Premier - Party Favor

LaFerrari American Premier – Party Favor

Ferrari LaFerrari American Premier Hamptons Dinner Party

Ferrari LaFerrari American Premier Hamptons Dinner Party at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York


All I can say is that the LaFerrari is totally stunning especially in person! I was lucky enough to stand just 2′ feet away from it glistening in the late afternoon sunset, the corporate stock photos do not do this sleek design justice. The other design concepts, (F150) Manta and the Tensostrutturaare are just as sleek as the LaFerrari (F70). What a stunning designs by Flavio Manzoni Ferrari’s Design Chief and the team of other designers and engineers. My hats off to them – crazy sexy! I will take mine in black with some black rims of course.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar in Black

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar in Black


And to the rich pricks that are going to snatch up these 499 limited sexy hybrid supercars, please just don’t have it sit around and collect dust. Drive the dam wheels off of it for god sakes and enjoy it!


LaFerrari Design Secrets Uncovered |


Fernando Alonso and the LaFerrari: “Remember, two slow laps…”

Success! BBC America: Top Gear UK on Cablevision / Optimum TV

Success!!! BBC America: Top Gear UK on Cablevision / Optimum TV – request granted!

BBC America

BBC America on Cablevision / Optimum TV – request granted!


Thanks Altice USA / Cablevision / Optimum TV for finally providing the BBC America channel to your cable consumers here in New York State, the media capital of the world, supposedly. For years we were denied the BBC America channel, which features the best show on television, the original Top Gear UK and the newly added James Mays Drinks to Great Brittan. Before I had to go out-of-state just to catch up on old episodes on Comcast – On Demand. I since have requested multiple channels, such as Outdoor Life Network (OLN) now know as Verses, so us cycling enthusiasts could watch the amazing live daily Tour De France coverage from the live global feed and the Dakar Rally, and HD Theater to get the Isle of Man TT yearly Motorcycle Race. Other channels I requested were the Green Channel, Style Channel, Science Channel, and the History International Channel, Rai Italian Channel which eventually Cablevision delivered on. This all took a long while to make these programming channel requests and to finally get them in the channel line-up. Cablevision as a company and cable provider is extremely slow to act when it comes to providing their loyal subscribers with new and up-and-coming Channels.

But if you want to create change and awareness for your community, so that it leads to action and a better quality of life and in this case quality programming, you need to take action and be persistent and go through the right official channels in order to get your concerns and requests voiced. After making multiple phone calls, I decided recently to write a blog about it here on the GOBBI Blog regarding the channel request and bam! What do you know, it worked! Instant results.

Wanted: BBC America Channel on Cablevision / Optimum TV!

The best show on television by far is the original Top Gear UK. Unfortunately, here on Long Island NY, Altice USA: Cablevison / Optimum TV our local cable provider does not carry the BBC America in their channel line-up. So to get my Top Gear fix, I have to travel to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to view it on Comcast cable.

I’ve been making requests to Cablevision / Optimum TV for years now to carry the BBC America channel, for their great programming and fantastic television shows.

BBC America

BBC America on Cablevision / Optimum TV – request!


BBC America has been airing Top Gear UK for years now, and is the premier show for car / auto enthusiasts and speed junkies. They showcase pretty much every car and transportation vehicle on the planet and it’s incredibly entertaining. The rapport between the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May (AKA: Captain Slow) and Richard Hammond is authentic and hilariously funny.

I know there is now an American version of Top Gear airing on the History Channel, but it doesn’t stack up the United Kingdom version and seems more like a cheap knock-off. Despite slight improvement with the second season, I still would rather watch the original genuine UK version.

So Cablevision, this is a programming request, please bring the BBC America to your channel line-up, ASAP!