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Snowboarding & Skiing Thru New York City :)

January 24, 2016 Radical YouTuber Casey Neistat, videographer Jesse Wellens and Crew Snowboarding & Skiing throughout New York City in the Blizzard of 2016 :) Classic!!! Anyone with the name Casey has to rock, right? It reminds me of the crazy stuff we use to do in the city, but at the time we did not have any GoPro HD Video Cameras to capture the mayhem and to post it on. Right on guys!

January 24, 2016 Radical YouTuber Casey Neistat and Crew Snowboarding & Skiing Thru New York City :)

Dan Quixote of the Motorcycle

While looking through the 2012 Aerostich Riders Warehouse catalog, I came across this little hidden gem on page 140. LOL! I sent in a picture last year that Aerostich used to make this mock cover of an adventure motorcycle book.

Dan Quixote of the Motorcycle

A story about a young motorcyclist living in a quiet Midwestern suburb, commuting an hour each way daily on his ride to work. While mostly well-adjusted and rational, his daily ride amongst a herd of fuel-sucking SUVs and myriad of distracted drivers talking on cell phones has had a profound effect on his psyche, causing him to take on a zealous quest to spread the word about the socially positive benefits of adopting motorcycles for daily transportation. Donning his protective Roadcrafter armor, our protagonist rides out as a knight-errant, in an arduous struggle to convert the caged masses to a more efficient, faster, environmentally friendly and personally satisfying form of personal mobility. A poignant tale with a wonderful foreword by Texas’s famed Caeyelle Aylliin. First Ed., 2011, Pied Pipes Publications. By Grinsel J. Kushner. Hardbound.

6″x9″, 1,665 pp., b/w illus.

#AREA $4,276.00

2011 Adventure Touring Shootout

Well done on a great online 2011 Adventure Touring Shootout article of my favorite motorcycle category. Now just make your website more user friendly, and stop cluttering it up with videos and ads that take forever to load. With that said, very rarely does any print or online motorcycle magazine take on so many relevant adventure tourers all at one shot such as these model; 2011 BMW R1200GS, 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring, 2011 KTM 990 Adventure Dakar Edition, 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC, and the early release of the 2012 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere. This two-wheeled adventure category is really catching on here in the States finely, which I think is due to better looking performing bikes, great adventure forums and access to more cool accessories. I mean most people here in the U.S. have SUVs, so why are they not riding the equivalent motorcycle? Being able to go anywhere at any time in most weather conditions, sounds like fun to me. Especially with the U.S.’s crumbling roadways, it is like going off-road anyway, so why not ride a bike that can handle it? You can read reviews until your eyes pop out, but you will never know until you actually test ride the motorcycles to find out which one fits and suites your riding style because they are each really different with their own distinctive nuances.

MotoUSA | Adventure Touring Shootout: 2011 BMW R1200GS


MotoUSA | Adventure Touring Shootout: 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200S


MotoUSA | Adventure Touring Shootout: 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC


MotoUSA | Adventure Touring Shootout: 2011 Yamaha Super Tenere


MotoUSA | Adventure Touring Shootout: 2011 KTM Adventure 990

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Customized in Stealth Matte Black

Ducati Multistrada 1200S in Stealth Matte Black by Motorrad Maehr


I am highly anticipating some updates to the Ducati Multistrada 1200S for the upcoming 2012 model year; maybe an additional color option to the newly popular high performance adventure tourer. Ducati has already released the stunning 2012 Multistrada 1200 Sport Pikes Peak Edition this summer, and what a paint job! I actually got the opportunity to sit on the Multistrada 1200 that won the Pikes Peak Race back in 2010 at the New York International Motorcycle Show. While I was there, I asked the Ducati North America reps why don’t they just make this stunning race replica as a special edition, and what do you know, they did! A great decision on Ducati’s part in my opinion. Pictured here in a video is a customized Multistrada 1200 by Motorrad Maehr in a sexy matte black paint job; with a contrasting glossy Ducati logo, blacked-out engine guard and passenger pegs brackets, matching racing gray forks, and a full Arrow exhaust. What a looker, I LOVE it! I don’t always like everything to be stealthed-out, but it is dam cool. Straight jet-black non-metallic is always classy and you can’t go wrong with that color combo. The current Multistradas are painted in metallics, which is ok, but not really my taste though. Ducati does offer other motorcycle models in matte black paint jobs occasionally, but I would flip if they decided to add this matte color option to the Multistrada line-up for 2012. However, companies always seem to be a year or two behind my creative vision for their products.

As other manufactures go, I requested BMW to make a special edition paint for it’s M3s, never thinking they would actually execute. On BMW’s 2011 M3s they offered a special edition satin paint called Frozen Black and Frozen Gray, which looked awesome, but I found out from the head of the BMW M Race Division, that you can’t wax the paint and you must wipe off bird droppings asap or it will cause damage to the satin finish. Less time detailing is good for me. Also, I requested black rims on the M3 as an option, because who wants to spend their weekends always cleaning their wheels, and besides black just looks tougher. The ultra high performance BMW 2011 BMW M3 GTS in Fire Orange came with black rims, so that was a success, thanks BMW keep it up! Actually, there are now three motorcycles by Bavarian Motor Works that I requested specific dark and cooler color schemes to help enhance their motorcycles. I like to call them factory customs; the 2001 BMW R1200C Stiletto Special Edition, the 2010 R1200 GS Triple Black Special Edition, and now the 2011 F800 GS Triple Black Special Edition, and maybe the long hall adventure guys will see a Triple Black version of the big R1200 GS Adventure as well, we will see.

Back to this stunning Ducati Multistrada 1200 customized in stealth matte black paint… Whoever executed the paint job, did what looks like a factory job, nice style. It definitely sets out the individual rider from the cookie cutter pack. I could definitely see Ducati offering this color option in the future, but I can’t always wait around for companies to eventually offer a cool color or paint job, and when they do it is always at the end of the model run. My suggestion is to offer it sooner to the public and more often.

2011 Dakar Rally on Versus – Extended Coverage Request

2011 Dakar Rally | American, Jonah Street

American, Jonah Street and GYTR team up to tackle 2011 Dakar Rally


It is that time of year again for the one thing I really look forward to watching on the boob tube in the New Year, the Dakar Rally (formally known as the Paris-Dakar Rally) which is the world’s most grueling rally. The 2011 Dakar Rally is the 32nd running of the event. It is being held in Argentina and Chile for the third successive time, and runs from 1st to 16th of January 2011. The extreme race pits 600 teams, consisting of both amateurs and professionals, against not only each other but the elements, including those of the Andes Mountains and Atacama Desert. 2011’s Rally will mark only the third time the race will be held in the western hemisphere and without a stage that will not originate in the continent of Africa. Covering nearly 6,000 kilometers.

2011 Dakar Rally | American, Jonah Street

American, Jonah Street and GYTR team up to tackle 2011 Dakar Rally


With that said, I am disappointed of the extremely short half an hour coverage by the Versus network in the past years. I lobbied hard to get the Versus network, channel 408 here on Cablevision in the greater New York area, to finally get to watch the incredible live coverage of Tour De France. I have to say Versus (originally know as O.L.N., Outdoor Life Network) does an amazing job with the overall coverage of the Tour De France and their use of the phenomenally shot international live feed; best sports coverage ever! However, I wish that was the case for the equally cool Dakar Rally, but I can’t.

First off, their is actually a two hour international live feed, but Versus has limited their highlight coverage to a brief half-hour broadcast, which if you edit out all the commercials during the broadcast, it probably only adds up to about 15 minutes of actual recap coverage. Also, Versus seems to only focus on the top five corporate front-runners of the rally. This is an amazing endurance motor sport rally with the blend of man and machine working in unison, and there are privateers that go to extreme lengths just to participate; these stories need to be told. It is compelling to just watch what goes on behind the scenes of the rally and the crazy logistics needed to just keep it up and running. This race to me is not just about winning, but about doing your absolute best while relying on your ride and team of mechanics to keep you going. These participants go all out during this endurance race with lack of sleep, risk of possible injury and not having a proper bath for two weeks. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff, interesting teams and individuals that are not covered at all, and I find that disappointing. It is a disservice to the participants and down plays the unique hard-core stuff that takes place during the rally.

I am suggesting and requesting a full hour of daily rally coverage by the Versus network here in the States. I and other adventure enthusiasts would like to see more in depth coverage, and not just American football style highlights with play-by-play in studio coverage. But more like a live broadcast with more freestyle coverage with boots on the ground and with more on-board rider/driver perspectives camera shots, so you can feel the grit and the dust of the international rally. If you would like to see the actual live broadcast of the Dakar Rally or at least have it extended to a full hour and to include more in-depth coverage, please feel free to leave viewer feedback and programming suggestions by contacting Versus.

If you want to see what it takes just to get to the Dakar Rally and to actually race in this endurance event via motorbike, check out Charley ‘Bomber’ Boorman’s Race to Dakar in-depth entertaining DVD. I give it, two thumbs up!