About Us

We’re GOBBI DESIGN™, a creative team offering Boutique Creative Consulting and Design Services based out of Long Island, New York’s picturesque East End. While combining vision with creative ideas and R&D, we develop concepts, products, branding, marketing strategies, and clean professional custom designs. Collaborations are welcome. We are small yet nimble, and have BIG ideas!

CASEY GOBBI, Creative Director

CASEY GOBBI, Creative Director

A unique combination of artist, semi-retired athlete and adventurer, Casey has lived in the fast-lane and now solely seeks quality of life over quantity of life. He’s an environmentalist, percussionist, and motorcyclist while still striving to become a minimalist. His current motto is “less is more.” Casey brings his enthusiastic energy, passion, creativity, and innovation to all of the projects he is involved with.

Casey is a visionary with a combination of old-school and new-school methods. He works hard to turn concepts and ideas into reality and makes sure that the results are useful, positive, successful, and most importantly cool!

Along with a keen eye, Casey’s Creative Direction and Creative Consulting incorporates his analytical abilities and understanding of sociology to come up with fresh ideas and unique concepts and develops them into new design and marketing strategies. As a Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) Advertising & Design Alumni and former member of The Art Directors Club N.Y., his jack-of-all-trades talents come naturally and have evolved from a thorough understanding of design, graphic design, advertising, marketing, sales, E-commerce, photography, male modeling, apparel design, fashion design, architecture, interior design, eBay e-commerce, antiques / vintage toys & collectibles marketplace, whole foods marketplace, organic bath & body care, music, drums & percussion instruments, athletics, sports, extreme sports, motorsports, sports apparel, and sporting goods.

Casey has given back to his community since his youth and enjoys and sees the need to keep the local beaches he loves clean after volunteering his time in countless beach cleanups. He strongly believes in environmental stewardship ( and long-term green space conservation. Keeping the beaches and waterways clean is vital to the health of our environment and takes pride in his efforts as he has done his whole life. Also, he champions local and New York State environmental causes and New York State’s crumbling infrastructure issues when time allows, and in the past has fought to keep art, music, and sports programs in schools for kids.