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Time to abolish the U.S. Electoral College antiquated voting system!

Time to abolish the U.S. Electoral College antiquated voting system!

Antiquated U.S. Electoral College

Jim Day of the Las Vegas Review Journal – Political Cartoon: Brilliantly depicting the antiquated U.S. Electoral College.

It’s finally time to totally abolish the U.S. Electoral College voting system which I feel is totally antiquated and a “rigged” way of achieving an outcome of our U.S. General Elections. Back in the day with our founding fathers they knew exactly what they were doing, or did they? Since then we moved way into the future and into a modern error and things that worked in the past hundred or 200+ years ago does not work for the present day, literally and figuratively. Regardless of how you vote, who you voted for and you’re political views. I don’t see how some States voters have more political pull and more voting power over others on our General Elections, it should be totally equal. I do feel in the union there are “Power Centers” States that are way more influential and produce more and have influence over the rest of the country and in the world for that matter, such as the great State of New York. But it doesn’t mean the voters in some State should have more influence over other States in the U.S. General Election. It should simply be whoever wins the Popular Vote simply wins the election! It should be as simple as that, so it leaves NO doubt in the minds of the voters who is the clear winner. The United States must move into the future regarding this issue for all of our voices to be heard equally!

Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy.

November 6, 2012 @realDonaldTrump: “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” – Donald J. Trump