Arc’teryx Naga Hoody Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Arc’teryx Naga Hoody (Gen 1) vs (Gen 2)

Arc'teryx: Naga Hoody Gen 1

Arc’teryx: Naga Hoody (Gen 1)

Arc’teryx: LEAF Urban Wolf Technology

Arc’teryx: LEAF Naga Hoody (Gen 1)

Arc’teryx Naga Hoody (Gen 1) is absolutely awesome and has now taken over the Rho AR Zip Neck Top as my favorite base/mid-layer. The Naga Hoody was based on the incredibly comfortable and stretchy Polartec Rho AR Zip Neck Top. The Naga Hoody has slightly longer arms w/wrist cuffs to accommodate a thumb loupe that helps keep your wrists and hands warmer when needed and that makes a huge difference, you can also wear that configuration under ski gloves. Also, it has a fitted stretchy dropped hood that can fit under a helmet if needed. Why they don’t make this in the standard Arc’teryx lineup is beyond me. Whoever the Designer was of the original (Gen 1) Naga Hoody did an awesome job!!! There was only one negative and that was that the neck zipper needed to be one to two inches longer for more comfort and ability to adjust temperature range throughout the day or evening. The fit was spot on, with an ergonomic slightly shorter in the front and a longer dropped back so when you’re bending over your lower back stays warm and it keeps the heat in. I have multiples of the Rho AR Zip Neck Tops that is lasted for years and now multiples of the (Gen 1) Naga Hoody. I did request Arc’teryx’s LEAF Division to please make the 3/4 neck/chest zipper longer for better ventilation as well as increasing the size of the chest pocket and they did that in the (Gen 2).

Arc'teryx: Naga Hoody (Gen 2)

Arc’teryx: Naga Hoody (Gen 2), longer 3/4 chest zipper

Arc’teryx: LEAF Naga Hoody (Gen 2)

I purchased the (Gen 2) and unfortunately was completely disappointed with the new sloppy fitment. Once I took it out of the original packaging it even looked much bigger/baggier and once I tried it on it was a total bummer.

The (Gen 2) Naga Hoody is much looser in the torso by a significant amount. There’s a lot of room in the stomach area, actually, there is too much material now. Also, there is bagginess or I should actually say sagginess in the triceps and forearms. And I measured the difference of the side length and it’s literally 3.5″ inches longer on the side of your lower hip then the perfect (Gen 1). The front and back hem is the same length so it now fits like a T-shirt which is not nearly as comfortable nor ergonomic as the original (Gen 1) dropped back design/pattern. It fits like a semi snugger sweatshirt not like a true base/mid-layer as it should for proper layering. With the Naga Hoody (Gen 1) for daily usage, I wear a T-shirt underneath or if I’m doing more aerobic activity a Nike Pro top does the trick. But if I’m going skiing I would where a tighter base layer underneath it to keep you at a perfect temperature range.

The (Gen 2) has an overall baggier fit which I totally dislike :( If you’re a bigger guy and prefer things loose fitting you will like the fit. If you have an average athletic build I don’t think you will like it. If I was to purchase it again I would possibly have to downsize, but the concern is that the neck will be too tight. My grade for the awesome Arc’teryx Naga Hoody (Gen 1) is a solid A! The fit of the new (Gen 2) is highly disappointing, hence that’s why I immediately returned it, I give it a C+. So I consider the fit of the (Gen 2) a complete downgrade for my tastes and style. But with both generations, the material is exactly the same. I will wait for (Gen 3) if they ever decide to update it again. If not I will have to find something else with the perfect fit or just go back to the tried-and-true Rho AR Zip Neck Top but unfortunately, that still does not have thumb loops yet.

Unfortunately in the past couple of years Arc’teryx has discontinued and messed up some of there iconic designs and what I especially liked was the Gore-Tex Shells with “Expedition Fit” for better mobility and more comfortable layering options. Arc’teryx LEAF has also recently discontinued some exceptionally well designed and well-made apparel. I’m highly disappointed about such amazing outdoor apparel such as: *Theta SVX Jacket and Theta AR Gore-Tex Jacket, *Theta AR Pants > Theta SV Bib, the kick-ass *Drac Pant and the necessary matching Riggers Belt in “Wolf Gray”, matching Drac Jacket, Bravo Jacket AKA: *Alpha SV Jacket & Vest > Alpha AR Jacket (three different names for the same jacket, now that’s stupid and totally confusing). The Combat Jacket & Combat Pant (Gen 2), Minotaur Jacket, and my personal favorite the superior fitting *Naga Hoody (Gen 1). I know my Arc’teryx Gear inside and out as I’ve been wearing The Dead Bird brands apparel for 20 years now. CG

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