“O Captain! My Captain!”

O Captain! My Captain!

Dead Poets Society: “O Captain! My Captain!”

Thank you, boys. Thank you.

Dead Poets Society: “Thank you, boys. Thank you.”


Robin Williams, I will aways miss your sense of humor and honesty, when you were full-on and off. I could never change the channel when you were on the late night talk shows. You were a true artist that used all the colors in the rainbow in your acting, comedy and in life. Robin my favorite movies of yours are Dead Poets Society and you playing the open-minded and encouraging English teacher John Keating, and Good Morning, Vietnam, and who else could play Popeye and the older Peter Pan. The world seams a less happier place with you not present in it. As a cyclist enthusiast, it was cool to see the late Oscar winner was one of the world’s biggest cycling fanatics.

Robin Williams: “I’m Lucky to Have Bikes in My Life”

“They can pee while riding. I take my hat off to them – to them, but not near them.”
—Robin Williams, on pro riders’ handling skills

“The dope tests came back. They found traces of Viagra. It helps me ride long and hard, and I don’t need a kickstand.”
—Williams, at the start of the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix bike race

“With thighs like these, you’ve got two choices- cycling, or go-go dancer.”
—Williams, describing his less-than-classic cycling physique

We laugh, so we don’t cry.

CG :)

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