Dan Quixote of the Motorcycle

While looking through the 2012 Aerostich Riders Warehouse catalog, I came across this little hidden gem on page 140. LOL! I sent in a picture last year that Aerostich used to make this mock cover of an adventure motorcycle book.

Dan Quixote of the Motorcycle

A story about a young motorcyclist living in a quiet Midwestern suburb, commuting an hour each way daily on his ride to work. While mostly well-adjusted and rational, his daily ride amongst a herd of fuel-sucking SUVs and myriad of distracted drivers talking on cell phones has had a profound effect on his psyche, causing him to take on a zealous quest to spread the word about the socially positive benefits of adopting motorcycles for daily transportation. Donning his protective Roadcrafter armor, our protagonist rides out as a knight-errant, in an arduous struggle to convert the caged masses to a more efficient, faster, environmentally friendly and personally satisfying form of personal mobility. A poignant tale with a wonderful foreword by Texas’s famed Caeyelle Aylliin. First Ed., 2011, Pied Pipes Publications. By Grinsel J. Kushner. Hardbound.

6″x9″, 1,665 pp., b/w illus.

#AREA $4,276.00

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