Beastie Boys “No Sleep till Brooklyn”

One of the original B-Boys, Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch of the Beastie Boys died at the age of 47 today, May 4th, 2012. The Beastie Boys were recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and it’s about dam time too! But what I don’t get is why it takes so fucking long to get real musicians and pioneers of the music industry inducted into the Hall of Fame, especially while they’re still alive to see their accomplishments acknowledged and get the respect from their peers first hand. I will never understand.

Beastie Boys: An Open Letter To NYC


I have always loved and respected the Beastie Boys, especially their early stuff Licensed to Ill – what an album! “Brass Monkey”, “No Sleep till Brooklyn”, “Fight for Your Right.” I was a B-Boy back in the day when it was called RAP not Hip-Hop. Then Rock took over, but the early kick ass beats of Run-DMC and the other early RAP pioneers always got to my musical funny bone as a drummer, good times.

I got to see Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch in Bryant Park at Fashion Week back in the 90s, that was cool.

Much respect,


Bust out your Adidas Shell Tops and your vintage Pumas and TURN IT UP LOUD!!!

“One Of These Days, D.
But I Can Stand My Ground And I Am Down To Wax An M.C.
Who Acts Like A Clown But For Now, I’d Like To Ask You
How You Like The Feel Of The Bass In Your Face In The Crowd”?

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