Wanted: BBC America Channel on Cablevision / Optimum TV!

The best show on television by far is the original Top Gear UK. Unfortunately, here on Long Island NY, Altice USA: Cablevison / Optimum TV our local cable provider does not carry the BBC America in their channel line-up. So to get my Top Gear fix, I have to travel to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to view it on Comcast cable.

I’ve been making requests to Cablevision / Optimum TV for years now to carry the BBC America channel, for their great programming and fantastic television shows.

BBC America

BBC America on Cablevision / Optimum TV – request!


BBC America has been airing Top Gear UK for years now, and is the premier show for car / auto enthusiasts and speed junkies. They showcase pretty much every car and transportation vehicle on the planet and it’s incredibly entertaining. The rapport between the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May (AKA: Captain Slow) and Richard Hammond is authentic and hilariously funny.

I know there is now an American version of Top Gear airing on the History Channel, but it doesn’t stack up the United Kingdom version and seems more like a cheap knock-off. Despite slight improvement with the second season, I still would rather watch the original genuine UK version.

So Cablevision, this is a programming request, please bring the BBC America to your channel line-up, ASAP!

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