Rediscovering a Lost Love

Sometimes you need to go backwards to move forwards in life. I have always considered myself a 3-dimensional well-rounded person with lots of interests and talents, not a 2-dimensional one-trick pony. So with that said, having lots of likes and being into lots of different things is not always easy. As we all get older, I personally find myself finding less and less time to have time or the funds to delve into every hobby I indulged in of years past. With action and adventure sports I had to narrow them down, you just don’t have the time but you don’t want to loose the skill set you have built up over the years.

However, there was something I had really liked and enjoyed as a youth and that was playing the drums purely for the joy of it all. At the time, the state of Rock ‘N’ Roll was solid and the whole music scene was real creative, but the now reality-show based MTV and corporate America, in my opinion, have completely ruined music. There were a couple of years where I didn’t even turn on the radio. For me, it was like the whole music scene disappeared, and the new music coming out was lack luster and totally uninspiring. So I kind of gave up on music, and was really disappointed. What happened to the true artists and musicians? Eventually, I sold my beloved heavy metal Tama Grandstar 2 drum kit; she was beautiful with power-toms and two 24” double bases, with the heaviest Paiste and Zildjian cymbals made. She sounded great, but I wasn’t feeling her any more after being away at college and being separated from her for a long period of time. At the time, never finding the right drumsticks didn’t help any either. During this time, I was evolving as an artist or as I like to say devolving. That’s what art & design school and living in the media capital of the world will do to you, causing information overload and creative burnout, while stunting your growth as an artist. Not good for a creative person.

With all that said, I have been playing some old CD’s of great bands that I have always liked such as The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Duran Duran and I’m totally rediscovering their amazing music and hearing it in a whole new way. Basically, I have been rediscovering music of all genres, and sometimes you have to go backwards to find what you are searching for. Music and playing the drums brought great joy and rhythm to my life, especially in the autumn and winter months. Rediscovering an old love has been a unique experience, one in which I plan on approaching with more wisdom and care this time around.

It has not been easy to find the things I truly love in life, it has taken a long wile for me. I find it a strange journey, coming almost full-circle with lots of other things as well. As a creative individual, I find it hard to stay motivated and creative sometimes, so I suggest doing whatever works. Different scenery, different people, a different approach, and a different perspective may just be what the doctor ordered.

Well I have finally found the right drumsticks. I feel it is critical to find the right sticks, they are an extension of your hands and they provide you your voice on the drums. Now I am just waiting on Chris Brady of Brady Drums to finally offer and make a 26-Inch base drum, then we are all-good.

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