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WHOLE FOODS MARKET Lake Grove Grand Opening

Whole Foods Market


After waiting ten long years, Whole Foods Market: Natural and Organic Grocery has finally made its way to Long Island’s Suffolk County! I repeatedly called the Northeast regional office and spoke with the real estate manager in charge, requesting they come to the area and suggested available retail locations that I would pass in my local travels. And it’s finally here! I commend them for listening to their customers. After shopping at Whole Foods in Manhattan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and becoming accustomed to their nutritious and tasty selections, natural products and knowledgeable team members, I was so disappointed to find that there wasn’t one in Suffolk County, but now the wait is over. If you like non-genetically modified, organic, all-natural foods and haven’t been to a Whole Foods Market yet, go check it out. The Lake Grove Commons store is opening on March 17th, and is located at 120 New Moriches Road in Lake Grove, NY 11755.

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Store

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Store (Concept for Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove, NY)

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Site Plan

Whole Foods Market Lake Grove Commons Site Plan (Concept for Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove, NY)

Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires

If you have a love for sports cars and still want to drive it all year long during all four seasons, there’s a great new Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire category that has hit the market place recently. Typically, most sport sedans and high performance cars come originally equipped with ultra high performance summer tires, which limits your driving to three seasons only requiring you to purchase a separate set of expensive rims along with a set of winter tires or having another vehicle like a SUV or truck if you want to get around on those wet cold wintry days.

After making several requests to the top tire manufactures to design and manufacture an hybrid all-season sport tire that can be used year round, there’s finally an ultra high performance all-season tire that combines true summer tire performance with multitread patterns and compound to help provide genuine all season traction. They are the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus, Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position, Pirelli PZero Nero All Season RFT, and Continental Conti Extreme Contact DWS tires.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position

Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position

Pirelli Pzero Nero MS PINNA RFT

Pirelli Pzero Nero MS PINNA RFT

Continental Conti Extreme Contact DWS

Continental Conti Extreme Contact DWS


I hope more car manufacturers originally equip their vehicles with these tires instead of the usual summer season sport tire, especially considering the crumbling roadways, unpredictable weather and severe winter storms we have had this past year.

I haven’t had the chance to test these tires yet. Unfortunately they only come in limited sizes at the moment and not all sizes come in Zero Pressure™ Run Flat technology. If you’re a sports car enthusiast and are looking for an all season tire, this is your combo, so check them out.

Restoring The Northeast's Power

Are you enjoying the weather here in the northeast lately? With 1 million people losing power due to the recent blizzards and severe nor’easter that has struck the northeastern United States, maybe it’s time to relocate power lines under ground to minimize power loss caused by damaging winds and uprooted fallen trees. Makes sense, right? As an added bonus, it will make neighborhoods look nicer by eliminating those suspended power lines and poles and restore the natural beauty of Long Island. Getting back to basics with becoming more energy independent and relearning how to heat our homes using natural wood burning fireplaces along with solar and wind generated power might be a good start to self-sufficiency without having to completely rely on fossil fuels and foreign oil to heat our homes, businesses and government. What would happen if power couldn’t be restored for weeks? What would you do to survive the winter cold in your suburban / urban environment? Please feel free to call your local power company and township to request having power lines moved underground.

TOURATECH ZEGA Pro Panniers (Black Anodized)

New to the Touratech line up of adventure touring aluminum cargo cases are their ZEGA Pro Panniers. A modern design with state-of-the-art construction, Touratech’s developers have come up with a veritable masterpiece in the ZEGA Pro. Manufactured to the highest standards, they’re light yet sturdy, made entirely of 1.5-mm aluminum with protective plastic end caps, and are water and dust proof.


They ZEGA Pro Alucase’s are not only appealing due to their technology and workmanship, but also for the many clever detail solutions and protective design elements. The industrial rounded lines really catches the eye, and look very sturdy and well executed. The original ZEGA-cases were offered in raw aluminum, but the new ZEGA Pros now come in a clear anodized aluminum or black anodized aluminum, which was a color option I requested back in 2008. Since Touratech was offering the clear anodized due to protection from discoloration, I suggested to Touratech AG and Touratech USA why not offer it in black as well, and they listened to my suggestion. I think the black will be just as successful, so thanks guys! Anticipating a requested matching ZEGA Pro 22L and 38L Top-case, coming soon…