THE BATMAN (1939, Detective Comics No. 27) Sells For $1,075 Million Dollars

Holy Bat-Bling, Batman! Three days after a SUPERMAN 1938, Action Comics No. 1 became the first comic to sell for $1 Million Dollars, a May 1939 Detective Comics No. 27 sells for a record crushing $1,075,500.00! That’s 75 grand more in the same C8.0 Grade, Very Fine condition. This is unprecedented! The first appearance of “THE BATMAN,” Bob Kane’s masterpiece, outdoes the man-of-steal! People may laugh about collecting, but this vintage Golden Age original comic is pop-couture fine art and will only increase in value. It looks like the economy is turning around.

THE BATMAN: Detective Comics No. 27

THE BATMAN: 1939, Detective Comics No. 27

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